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agriculture... is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end
contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.

.thomas jefferson
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Our recent move to a soy-free ration has been met with much enthusiasm by our member families - as we continue to promote healthy lifestyles for our animals and our human friends. We've been pre-soaking wheat and barley for quite some time now (raw milk added) and now have the best mineralization program on the planet as designed by Jerry Brunetti and fine tuned by Will Winter. Only local grains are added to the kelp and calcium supplements that keep our hens happy and healthy as they bask in the sun that finds them inside the poly covered porch of our henhouse. A 1400 square foot passive solar window gives energy to our many hens, 1 hog, 2 goats (beef calves coming soon) and rabbits as well. Indoor (winter) greens will make this a Polyface farm in MN, thanks to input from Joel Salatin and many others!
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